Agile Resources

The User Story games are a set of games that incorporate over 100 examples of good and bad user stories. The Coaching games are a combination of categorization games and "choose your own path" mini-books (like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books) . The games are easy to learn, play, and teach. All of the materials and instructions to play the games are included below. Try them with friends and co-workers and feel free to share with others. These games have been playtested in many venues including training, the Agile Toronto Meetup, Agile Games in Boston and Play4Agile in Cornwall Canada.

User Story Presentation (pdf)
User Story Game Boards (pdf)
User Story Card Set 1 (pdf)
User Story Card Set 2 (pdf)
User Story Card Set 3 (pdf)
User Story Card Set 4 (pdf)
User Story Card Set 5 (pdf)

Choose Your Own Coaching Path Guidelines (pdf)
Choose Your Own Coaching Path #2(pdf)
Choose Your Own Coaching Path #1(pdf)
Coaching Game Boards (pdf)
Coaching Game Cards (pdf)
Flash Card Coach (pdf)
Agile Journey (xlsx)